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Merrell Shoebox Design Contest - The Gift by sanozukez Merrell Shoebox Design Contest - The Gift by sanozukez
My fall memory happened last fall, when I was taking my girlfriend to her house. We did not know that the road would have a surprise.
Until we arrive at her house to go through one kilometer of dirt road. That's when I saw from afar the new family member. "Lobinho", which in English means little wolf. It was a gift that I won and also my girlfriend who adopted his brother who was also inside a cardboard box abandoned in the middle of the road.
This is a real photo I took with the phone when I met him.
Today he comes to 1 year and we both are very happy that what should be just another routine day changed our lifes.
It was very laborious to replay that scene, although it may seem, everything was handcrafted, and the photos took alot to match my point.
Hope you enjoy. It is a memory that is already immortalized in my heart. And now in 3 dimensions.
It was planned to come more elaborated but I was out of time, just finish now, few minuts to the end of the contest.

Sorry for bad english, its my Merrel Diorama Contest Entry from Brazil.


Material Used:
Epoxi based mass, plastic mass, paper mass (handicrafted), cardboard paper, wires, tree branches, moss ,pieces of gravel, acrylic ink, photos taken by me (and hardly processed to create an panorama).


It took about 40 hours to finish, and this not done the way I wanted. I work 2 ~ 4 hours/day on this since 10/10/2012 and just finish it few minuts to the contest end.
I spent like 3 days trying to take the photos for the background, that was made with 9 photos, processed on Ps.
Spent 2 days with the wire for the trees, and 3 to cover it with epoxi, then plastic mass lol.
I took forever to build this ground, firstly tried with clay, it cracked, then put some plastic mass, finally I did a mass of paper and cover it, modeled and put gravel.
and so on...

Despite the work, was very fun to do the diorama.

The baby dog on the box, becomes larger every day, and have alot of energy now, unlike when i found him with his brother abandoned on that box. He is very prankish hahaha. I love dogs anyway. And my gf adopted the right one on the box.
myboatfloats Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
this is fantastic! I love the teeny little cardboard box
sanozukez Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
Thank you very much!
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October 31, 2012
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